Monday, September 19, 2011

Insurance claim filed!

Claim #545612332

Incident: Cmmdr is mocked by Ensign without provocation.

Place: Everywhere

Time: Always

Description of Event: The Cmmdr, albeit a travesty of a man, has nevertheless been continually mocked, derided, jeered at, insulted, taunted and teased by the bearded Bourne-bloated Semitic player known as the Ensign.

Damages Claimed: None. The Cmmdr agrees with all the mockery and has just decided to dismiss the claim.

1 comment:

State Farm Insurance said...

Dear Sir,
We are in receipt of your recently filed claim #545612332

In addition to congratulating you on your fine penmanship, we offer the following advice:

You're rubber and he's glue
Whatever he says
Bounces off the Spud
And sticks to the Jew.