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Ensign's Book Nook


Chapter 25  "The Matlock Debacle and Others"

"...and without taking a beat he wagged a finger at the gathered extras on the set that was doubling as a college hall and complained in a voice that was later described as an agonized Child of Zion " it always this Bad?" to which the horrified Casting......."

Chapter 36 "Mistaken Agreements"

"....and besides he thought "Cheapside" will have a limited run, what harm could it be?  Little was he to realize that his characterization of the androgynous...."

Chapter 9  "Let Me Tell You About Vegas"

"...'Oh Scotty' over and over in a disgusting insensitive display of sophmoric humor.  Had he not sensed, as others before him clearly had,  that this 'friendship' would lead them both to a dark alley of resentment and  regret?  The balding rock climber would find himself lumbered for decades with the Ensign's slovenly presence in his Toluca Lake garage, a week's visit turning into years--often finding books missing, and crumbs..."

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Nightmares of the Ensign

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News of the Ensign

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Other Pros Who Are Not Lazy Dept.

".....The narrator starts out quite weak .......
I almost didn't make it through the first third of the book because he was so weak relative to other pros....."  ***


"......D----- B------ i like his work in general. But I think it's distracting that he doesn't pronounce the most obvious things correctly - seems lazy. Examples; Nevada & Boalt Hall........"         ***

***all critiques guaranteed verbatim 

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