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Other Pros Who Are Not Lazy Dept.

".....The narrator starts out quite weak .......
I almost didn't make it through the first third of the book because he was so weak relative to other pros....."  ***


"......D----- B------ i like his work in general. But I think it's distracting that he doesn't pronounce the most obvious things correctly - seems lazy. Examples; Nevada & Boalt Hall........"         ***

***all critiques guaranteed verbatim 

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A NOSH: vol.5

Ensign and CMMDR are shown to a table in an eatery in upper Manhattan.

ENSIGN: You want to sit HERE?
CMMDR: No, I just thought I'd rest for a bit until we get to the table you want to sit at.
ENSIGN: Fine. Fuck it, we'll sit here.
CMMDR: No, you choose the table.
ENSIGN: No, we'll sit here. Fuck it. It's fine. If you’re a fan of confinement.
CMMDR: Well I see why you might be put out - you're just so much taller than me....
ENSIGN: (sitting) What's that noise?
CMMDR: That's the sound of 'being in a restaurant.'
ENSIGN: Remind me why I spend time with you.
CMMDR: (looking at menu): Oh, hey. Here's a noise cancellation appetizer you might like.
ENDIGN: (checking his phone) Hmmmm.
CMMDR: What?
ENSIGN: Just a little something.
CMMDR: Please just tell me what you have. Is it TV? A film? I won't feel less than, I promise. Is it a book-on-tape? Tell me it's a book-on-tape, that's fine with me as I don't do books on tape-
ENSIGN: No one does books on tape ASSHOLE. They stopped doing them when earth was a fetus.
CMMDR: I don't care anyway. I'm backing off from the whole thing anyway.
ENSIGN: You sure they THEY'RE not backing off?
WAITRESS: How are we tonight gentleman?
ENSIGN: That’s your opening gambit?
CMMDR: We’re fine, thank you. I had a sax lesson today and my friend the Ensign is Jewish.
WAITRESS: Would you like to hear our specials?
ENSIGN: Where is all this noise coming from? Who’s responsible for all this noise? I’ll kill him, I’ll kill him with a gun.
CMMDR: Could you give us a minute?

To be continued….

Friday, August 25, 2017


Ensign talking to someone who knows the CMMDR  Well.....

-Hey--what are you doing? 
-I’m about to send a text to Johnny Boy
-You sure you want to do that?
-Shouldn’t I?
-Well, let me ask you something.
-Go ahead.
-Is it about HIM?
-No, just a little something that was happening to me. I thought he’d be interested. 
—That’s  not good.
—Jeez, why? He’s my friend.  I think of him as my friend…
--So there's nothing about him at ALL??
--Absolutely nothing?? ZERO??a
—No…is that bad? 
—Well…..he won’t be interested.
—You’ll probably just get a 'HUH' in response……
—Oh, that would hurt.
—Unless what?
-Well……Did you have a conversation with someone recently where his name came up?  
-Too bad. He’d perk up and want to know the details…. maybe You’ve passed a poster of a show he might be in?  
-Seen something online?
— Gosh, No.
-Even something online about ANYONE ANYWHERE who might be tangential to his career that you could casually mention??
-WAIT. I KNOW. This is surefire:   Did you get any job offers?
-In fact: yes.
-A few actually.
—A FEW? A FEW!!  OH MY GOD THAT IS THE ANSWER!!!   My friend you’ve hit the mother lode!!!    Try texting, casually, off-handedly,  that you were juggling a few job offers and MY GOD within seconds he’ll reply and stay with you till you tell him every last detail.
-Hmmmm….But I just want to send him this picture. Its not a big deal…
-So, you’re saying I shouldn’t send it?
-I am. Unless you don’t mind being belittled. 
-I’m going to risk it.

-Okay…don’t say I didn’t warn you…..

to be continued

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ON AUDIBLE:   What does D***** Bou****************** bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

“He gave a good reading, with seemingly appropriate intonation. However, at times he became a bit irritating.”

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The Ensign's last Arc