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Ensign—Hang a RIght at the sign!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

CMMDR in hiding

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


NASA’s Voyager 2 probe has zoomed past the edge of the heliosphere, out of our solar system and officially into interstellar space. It is the second human-made object to journey into this great beyond, after its big sibling, Voyager 1, which did it in 2012. Remarkably, Voyager 2’s gear — including a cosmic ray subsystem, a low energy charged particle probe, and a magnetometer — still functions. The probe launched in 1977. Godspeed out there in the darkness. 

In other news: The CMMDR is in his chair. 

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Not Matt Damon Department.
"No life here...onto Jupiter."
"Ensign? I have a message from God for you!"

Sunday, November 18, 2018


YES OR NO?   Take your time......
If you chose YES you're correct.

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There once was a bitter old Jew
Whose life was now over and through 
With eyes streaming wet
He’d cry with regret 

“I’m a bottomless pitcher of Rue.” 


There once was a fool so upsetting
He'd waste his life fuming and fretting. 
“My day just consists
Of keeping vast lists

Of things I’m afraid of forgetting!”

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

There once was a Jewish actor
In whose work his beard was a factor 
He played lots of lawyers 
And that is no spoiler 
and continues these parts hereafter 

There once was an actor named Ensign
with legal roles gosh he was fenced in 
parts smarmy and smart 
he played men without heart 
yet to commander these he would mention

LEAR Cont.

An Ensign who liked to burn Joss Stick
While puzzling the Sunday Acrostic
Said “Every employer
Wants me as a lawyer

But only if bearded and Caustic.”

there once lived a fellow named Ensign
with a career quite different from Cranston.
he kept getting top
while the CMMDR got rot

and more and more  rot until the CMMDR basically just said fuck it.

Lear Corner Cont.

There once was a gnome from Cabrini

Whose jobs got progressively Teeny.
Late night in his chair-
He would angrily swear:

“What I’d give for a large dry martini!”

Lear Corner

There once was a man named CMMDR
Who’d grovel and beg and then pander!
When his jobs all dried up-
He Cried into his cup:

“I’m suing the Ensign for Slander!”

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