Tuesday, April 04, 2017

From THE CMMDR: A JERK FOR ALL AGES by Friel Cobble, chapter 3, p. 61

He was tired. Tired of the dreams, tired of time. Tired of the A train. Rotting inside from failure, he cowered in his small study, an anxious dwarf. The wine of youth had hit the dregs, leaving only the vinegar of age. His health was broken. What paltry gleam he may once have had now showed in weary wrinkles and greasy jowls. Stress was a constant, purposelessness his only companion. Even the very ghost of passion had deserted him. The bones, the cartilage, the ligaments were all in decay. Pain was his closest friend. And through the gray mist of fatigue the flabby little fuck could see ahead the last stop on this timeworn train. Yet in spite of it all, he still checked Residual Tracker.

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