Thursday, September 22, 2016


Recent news reports reveal The Ensign’s career is on un-paid administrative leave. This could be due to the fact there are less lawyers showing up in episodics these days, or when lawyers are being portrayed, the show runners are not going ‘geriatric.’ Also we are seeing more non-caustic lawyers which lay outside The Ensign’s wheelhouse. This all being said, it isn’t entirely the end of abrasive, bitter, acerbic attorneys on television and we wouldn’t be completely surprised to see The Ensign once again play a scathing prosecutor or two on one of the many shows now airing. Fingers crossed!!

On other fronts, we were wondering this morning over our coffee what exactly it is which doesn’t annoy The Ensign. Though the list is meager, it certainly merits a place in out little column. The first is before he was born. As far as we can tell, before he was born The Ensign was not annoyed. The second instance we can come up with is when The Ensign is actually being annoyed. When The Ensign is annoyed, he isn’t annoyed by it, because he’s already annoyed. That’s about it.

We’ll be back soon with another In The Ensign’s Corner – stay tuned!

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