Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Word of the Day!!

noun: perturbation
anxiety; mental uneasiness."she sensed her friend's perturbation"

ex: The Ensign parked his brand new Matt Malloy inspired car, turned off the Bela Fleck playlist, and shuffled up to his old house. His gait was that of some ancient hobbled gnome. He stopped for a second and took stock of his house. Recently his realtor suggested he drop the sale price to $23.88, a big come down from the $899,999.00 he’d hoped for. If he got that and subtracted the sales commission, what he owed the bank, and then given a portion to the ex, he’d come away from the sale owing over half a million. This caused him to shake and regret the wreckage of his future. Were one to spy him, there on the porch, one might think him in a state of perturbation.

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