Monday, December 14, 2015


Dear HWHN:
Someone told me the CMMDR is the least sexiest man in the entire world, ever.
Is this true?

Klaus Kellerman, Duluth, MN.

Klaus: not true. He is the second least sexiest man in the world.
The first was a hominid named Charles who was alive in the early Miocene (about 22 million years ago).

Dear Nil:
Why does the ENSIGN contribute so much more than the CMMDR?

Best wishes,
FG Grope, Workzy, Albania.

Hey FG!
Good question. The ENSIGN has more time as he doesn’t spend more than half the day worrying about little mundane things he need to accomplish, whereas the CMMDR obsessively kills time wondering if he should ‘do more things’ or ‘live in England.’

Dear Nil,
The world is a mess. Injustice is everywhere. Children are starving and war rages across the globe. What does HWHN think of all this pain and suffering?

In Christ,
Ruth Brokenchair

Not sure what you are referring to. In any event,
The ENSIGN is pretty busy what with raking leaves and
Seeing if the cats will come inside.
The CMMDR is busy
gathering information and trying to get in on
the role of Cubby in a new sit-com on Hulu.
Hope things pan out for you!
All the best,


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