Monday, December 08, 2014

We Examine the Similarities between Bradley Cooper & the CMMDR!!

Bradley Cooper is the hottest actor in town! The CMMDR often gets hot at auditions and will sweat.

Bradley Cooper is a tall, sexy man; The CMMDR is tall, well, he’s taller than say a raccoon or a badger or any small mammal like a house cat or a sloth.

Bradley Cooper was voted the Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine; once, many years ago, an attractive but very drunk woman checked out the CMMDR – but this was a long time ago and she was plastered.

Bradley Cooper is offered leads in many, many projects; The CMMDR was recently offered membership in AARP.

Bradley Cooper is a major motion picture star and now a major Broadway star;The CMMDR majored in English at BU.

Bradley Cooper gets fat paychecks. The CMMDR is fat and getting fatter.

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Leo Shull said...

Love this blog and your post.
You left out an important comparison:
Bradley Cooper is playing an Elephant Man.
The CMMDR is, well, you know...