Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Word of the Day Du Jour Ala Mode Dept.

v. to impale upon hooks

"Cmmdr, are you ready, or do you need a few more minutes?" asked the fuming Casting Director.
"No, heh, heh, I'm ready, thanks, sorry, heh." replied the CMMDR unctuously.
He managed to lift his sweaty girth off the now stained couch and loped towards the casting room as one would walk towards a growling wolverine.  
"Just stand on that blue line please" barked the now disgusted Casting Director.
The CMMDR lurched towards it, missing again and again.
"THE BLUE LINE" hissed the morally offended Casting Director.
"Heh, heh, sorry, heh." drooled the CMMDR.
The Casting Director spit on the ground and with piercing eyes and a crooked smile said "Now, may we GANCH you?"
"Thanks, heh heh, sorry." spittled the CMMDR, even though he had no idea what GANCHING was.

Later, they left his body on the sidewalk.


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