Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Dear HWHN:

Please help me. What’s the difference between actors who work consistently in TV, Film, and Stage, and the Cmmdr?


Betsy Kornwrinkle

Dear Besty:

Betsy, great question! Those actors who work consistently in TV, Film, and Stage are quite different from the Cmmdr; they are talented, successful, well liked, and employable. They have careers. Often they are flying hither and yon to various sets, juggling commitments, passing on offers, conferencing with their money managers. The public is aware of their many projects, the overwhelming heft of their careers. But the Cmmdr? He’s not like that; he’s different. He doesn’t work. He does not have a career. He is not successful. He juggles nothing but his own balls as he sits and contemplates the pure shit of his professional life as an actor. HUGE difference, Betsy.

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