Monday, October 31, 2016

FROM THE New York Times
"People who tell small, self-serving lies are likely to progress to bigger falsehoods, and over time, the brain appears to adapt to the dishonesty, according to a new study."

The Ensign does a day on a soap. Three lines. 
Tells friends "Yeah, I had a week on a soap. I think they might ask me back."

The Ensign works on a film produced by Speilberg. Speilberg visits for one day. 
Tells friends "Steve? He was around all the time.." 

The Ensign works with Tom and Roseanne Arnold
"It was great."

Ensign is in BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRS that ran for 5 weeks.
"We ran for 6 weeks."

Ensign does two episodes of B. C. Saul
"I'm moving to Albuquerque."

Ensign texts with CMMDR every day.
When asked-"Cmmdr? Who's that?"

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