Thursday, September 01, 2016

The CMMDR Solves Your Insomnia

We all have trouble sleeping from time to time.  Here's a way to get back to those deep REMs we all need...let the CMMDR LULL YOU TO SLEEP With these stories known to put even a double shot espresso into a coma...

1-Ask him to tell you about his One Take "NICE" Psychiatrist.
    (If still awake: Ask him about size of trailer, how much he's being paid, and, if all else fails, how hot it was-hint: It was hot.)

2-He's got some funny funny funny stories.  Let him decide between the "Mysterious Ashtray that Moved", "Robin Williams' Monologue at Paramount" or "Levy in the Audition Hallway Gaffe".  You can't go wrong with any of these...they're all Gold.

3-In the mood for show business glamour? Choose between "Couldn't believe that was Mike Nichols" "Delroy's Stage Hi-Jinx" "Maybe Jerry didn't hire me for Nine Years because he was Fired on a Show that I was Working on--a Rumination" and/or  "I'll be in all of Cranston's plays!". (if still awake--go with "My Time on the John Davidson Show....first grade starring Ethan..")

4-He's a world traveler.  Spin the globe and let your finger land on "Live in England" or "German Fans love me." "How I conquered The Salt Lake City Theatre Scene!" or just anything "VEGAS".

Good luck and happy snoozing...zzzzzz


cmmdr said...

it wasn't Mike Douglas. get your facts straight.

Admin-snooze fest said...

Thank you for your correction. We have ammended the post to reflect the proper name of the TALK SHOW the CMMDR appeared in.