Sunday, June 07, 2015

CMMDR's ACTING TIPS #32. "Listening"

CMMDR's Acting Tips. #32. 
The Art of Listening. 

Let's face it: Scene partners are a necessary evil and a big drag. When they talk who really gives a shit? Not the CMMDR.  That said, its important for the professional actor to make faces as if he or she is really listening and absorbing what others are saying. This can be daunting to the newcomer whose only thought is "Will I be fired?"  So here's a few simple tricks to get you through those moments when you're waiting for your line.

A) Place Hand on mouth. This gives you a thoughtful stance and allows you to mouth your next line without anyone seeing. Also, very helpful in stifling a yawn (Its so true: When other people talk its BORING!) (A few moments after the above shot was taken Your CMMDR was deeply asleep-but NO ONE WAS THE WISER...)

B) Keep that Thumb Out and Active.   Forces the DP (that's Director of Photography not Double Penetration) to draw all attention to your FACE which is really what Acting means in LATIN: My Face is Important) (For comic scenes try sliding it up your nose. See PLATYPUS MAN The Pilot) (Alternate option: Index Finger as in
Ensign example...although a little hackneyed at this point)

C) FURROW FURROW FURROW.  I can't stress this enough. Furrow and furrow some more.  (Especially good for a large expanses of forehead that reach all the way around to your spine :-))

D) And finally, AND most important:  Think about something else.  It will give the appearance of actually listening and will also allow you to multi-task while others are droning on. For instance, in the picture above it may look as if I am very seriously listening to the speaker but in actual fact I'm thinking about whether anyone likes me...

So. Good luck.
Have fun. 
And remember:
"Acting is fun if you know how-and that's the CMMDR's KNOW HOW" Collect 'em all. 

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