Monday, April 09, 2012

What's On Their Minds Dept.


The Gordon Novelty Shop, Inc. said...

So, um.
Between the two of you...
It's just the ONE beard?
Whaddya SWAP it back and forth??
This is a workable solution for you jamokes???
Perhaps we can interest you in a coupon for 20% off
on all spirit gum products & related follicular adhesives.
Also we're running a sale on emergency clown noses.
Check your glove compartments.
Always be prepared.

Ensign said...

If you look carefully, we're swapping mouths and chins...the beard just comes along for the ride.

We at HWHNil don't believe in Clown noses. We're serious artists. Acting for us is a craft. We try to live creatively in imaginary circumstances. We swim in the world of "what if" in "What IF my agent actually had my phone number and called me..."

The Gordon Novelty Shop, Inc. said...

re: "If you look carefully"

Must we?