Thursday, April 19, 2012

We Take a Look at Our Letters

Dear HWHN:

The Cmmdr recently made a move to the Big Apple. How has it turned out for him?


Craig Garner, Twins Falls, MI.

Dear Craig,

Have you ever left duck sausage out on the driveway for a week?


Is it true the Cmmdr has basically had nothing happen since his big move?


Velma Finger, Unity, OH.


Not true. The Cmmdr has had several things happen since he made the big leap to the Big Apple. He’s gotten a punctured ear drum from the noise created by the re-pointing of the building he lives in. His bank account has been stripped down to nothing by the expenses of the move, as well as by his partner, who can find ways to drop $500 at a neighborhood bodega. Work-wise, it hasn’t been all quiet either: an acquaintance told him about an audition for I Can Get It For You Wholesale at the Tallahassee Summer Theatre.


I’m trying to get a personal letter to The Cmmdr. Do You have an address?


Bobby, Detroit, MI.


Have you tried reaching him through The Hemlock Society?

1 comment:

Curious Bob said...

Can the CMMDR answer the following?

Who Other Than I?
Where did it go Wrong?
WHen will the banging stop?

Thanking you in advance