Thursday, April 26, 2012


Season 2 (WHO KNEW?), Episode 21
Episode Synopsis: Danny (whoever that is) and Jackie (whoever that is) investigate the suspicious death of a high-rolling investor. Meanwhile, Frank (ditto) places Jamie (ibid) under house arrest when a hit is put out on his life. Jack Quayle, a tertiary character at best, played by that Ron Kike-a-like, shows up in one scene and does some 'looking' from one character to another and then shows up, creepily,  in another scene and gets to stand behind the actor who actually has lines. At one point, off-camera, near male-atmo,  he reminisces with an extra  about his days in the Acting Company where, for the first five months of this Hebraic's stint in this well intentioned but snooze fest of a rep group, he played all roles with the article "THE" appended to the front of them, as in "THE sailor", "THE drunk", "THE servant", "THE big fat sad old loser whose house is on the market and whose career has ended with  an episode of Blue Bloods where the director kept calling him Brian, as in "Brian, please don't make those faces" ".


cmmdr said...


Waitress #5 said...

THE sailor
THE drunk
THE servant

THE Ensign

The End.