Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Curt Answers

Dear HWHN:

I rarely if ever see the Cmmdr on TV or Film or the Stage.

Is this because no ever casts him in anything?


Sheila Potter




Anonymous said...

Are you foreign?
What's "No EVER" ?

Anonymous said...

I an fron Bali. Maybe try make perfect syntax but not always possible.
Forgot one of the people to view post is Mr. Ensign. He do not tolerate mistakes. He is perfect always. If other stumble, he must point out fault.
Must be hard to be him.

Ensign said...

Yes, thank you Bali Illiterate.

It IS hard to be me. There is so much I don't tolerate I barely leave the house. And Pointing out the faults of others is really all i have...