Wednesday, September 28, 2011

we've scoured some more recent headlines!



lower case gothamite said...

Dear Nil-o-mars,
I recently noticed that all your posts are time-stamped on Pacific Time.
I am guessing that’s because the CMMDR is much more important than the Ensign?
And also probably taller.
And so time bends to his will.
I hope that I’m right.
Because being right is very important to me.

fingers crossed,

cmmdr said...

You are correct, madame.

lower case gothamite said...

Whew. Much relieved -- about being right.
In related pursuits:
1. I'm guessing LA is way swankier than the Ensign's backwater dipshit county.
And 2. Colonel Mustard DID do it with the lead pipe in the conservatory.
Right again?

Yrs in high anticipation of a hot streak,

Wilt said...

Not to contradict the CMMDR, but HUh? Height? he's so short, in his drivers license photo, you can SEE HIS FEET. SHort? He never knows if he has a foot ache or a head ache.

lower case gothamite said...

Dear Wilt,
How many apple boxes does it take for an Ensign to make it into frame in a two shot w/Joe Pesci -- neither of whom are even remotely willing to screw in the light bulb that would really make this joke sing?