Monday, June 13, 2011

We Answer Our Mail Dept.

Dear HWHNil:

Settle a bet.  I'm 55.  My wife is 32.  We have
two children.  I have a secure job, with great
benefits and my wife has a trust fund that affords
us everything that life has to offer.  My question is this:
Are you people Sadists or Masochists?

ANSWER: You know, its not really either/or.   Let's see if I can explain:
Sadism is a term that describes a person who 
takes pleasure in inflicting some form of humiliation or pain on a person, let's
say an AGENT, specifically someone from, say,  BUCHWALD. or PARADIGM or
Masochists are people who are actors.  
The CMMDR makes detailed notes and The ENSIGN eats massive amounts of oats.  There is no else left on the blog.  
Dear Whoever You Clowns Are:

What the fuck?  Seriously?  

ANSWER:  Yes, although the City suspends street cleaning (alternate side parking or ASP) rules on  legal and religious holidays. On major legal holidays, No Stopping, No Standing, and No Parking regulations are also suspended, except where those regulations are normally in effect seven days a week.
That said: I have nothing.
Dear Blog People That I'm Reading:

Have you thought about throwing in your separate towels?  
Isn't enough really enough?  
Are you honestly going to spend what little time you have left (especially the CMMDR. See: REHAB/CALCIUM DEPOSIT)
on this earth hoping to get two days on CSI: TEANECK?

ANSWER: Who's casting that?



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