Friday, June 17, 2011

From the Break-Downs' Storage Dept.

THE CMMDR (3 Roles) Pilot Universal Cable Productions Network: Lifetime
Draft Date: 9/15/10 NON UNION
Start Date: October 18 Location: Toronto
To download the script, go to and use script key code: sTUpid-and-dumB

[THE CMMDR] Mid to late 50s, Caucasian, a schlep, a fool, a stunted, chunky, dumpy, squat, low-set little man; we want lumpy, pudgy, and tubby; a trunk-like short-legged also-ran of a man, talentless, a hack, a drudge. Submissions for the role should reads’ peon’ – someone who immediately is recognizable as an unsuccessful bankrupt boob with nothing to offer, a moronic blockheaded cretin, a twitty donkey-like dolt, a man who’s botched it all and is in decline; a defeated fiasco, a flash in the pan. He should be a washout, a wreck, a total loss as a human, deficient and deteriorating; the man is a bomb. The Cmmdr is literally a good-for-nothing, a never-was, this guy has flopped, he’s a dud, he’s a fucking loser, an insolvent, incompetent, incapable, inept, ineffectual, insufficient amateur. He’s a sinking ship who will never win. A useless unfit freak. Will consider incontinent actors as well. The more unskilled the better. Useless, out to lunch, an odious dead beat. SERIES REGULAR
[The ENSIGN] 55-62 years old, Caucasian, his friend SERIES REGULAR 10/13
We are committed to diverse, inclusive casting. For every role, please submit qualified performers, without regard to disability, race, age, color, national origin, ethnic origin or any other basis prohibited by law unless otherwise specifically indicated.

STORY LINE: Done in by continual loss, a man aimlessly wanders through a life pure unadulterated shit.

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Howard Feuerer said...

What's the THIRD role?